EasyDMP Privacy Policy

In order for this website to function, it is necessary to collect some data on users and usage.

Data on logged in users

EasyDMP uses email addresses as user names. EasyDMP stores these with itself, together with a timestamp marking the first login, and a timestamp for the newest login. This is the only data intentionally collected about users and it is our intention that this will remain so.

These addresses are stored on first log in, and comes from the login facility. Therefore, we only support login mechanisms that supply us with an email address. This also means that if a user needs to change their email address, they need to do it at whatever facility they use to log in, for instance Dataporten or B2ACCESS, and then contact us.

The mail address is visible to other logged in users. It is used to contact other users, invite other users to work on a plan, or for the support team at Sigma to get in contact with specific users if a problem occurs. There currently exists no easily used list of all email addresses in order to easily contact every user at once as of yet, as there haven't been any use for it. If the need should occur, details of the lists will be added to this page.

Data on other users

The web server collects access logs. These contain users' ip-addresses and date of access. Log entries older than 30 days are deleted and there are no backups. There are also error logs, these are also deleted after 30 days, with no backups.

GDPR and legalese

At the moment, UNINETT Sigma2 is both data processor and data controller for the data about logged in users (above), as far as we understand the terms.

This policy is in line with EUDAT's Privacy Policy, see that for the legalese.

Last updated: 2019-03-28